It is important to remember that there are certain trees that, if not removed, will fall on their own. You obviously want to control the circumstances under which a tree falls in your property, so it’s always good to anticipate the situation and make sure that your trees are not in need of removal. You might consider removing it if you notice the tree is either dead or visibly decaying, but there are more reasons that are less evident and you should potentially keep in mind. Commercial Tree Services, local service for a tree removal in Santa Monica, has gathered a few warning signs you should watch out for in your trees.

Interior Tree Decay

Because of fungi, trees can start to rot on the inside without showing signs of such on the outside. The most common instance of fungal interior tree decay is known as Heart Rot, which seeps in through wounds in the bark and germinates within the interior tissue. If the affected branches are not pruned off in order to prevent further infection, the heart rot can spread across the whole tree and compromise its structural integrity. Pruning is a good way to keep tabs on whether or not the tree has been infected with heart rot. If found, the experts will recommend a plan to follow, which may or may not include removing the tree itself.

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Insect Infestation or Disease

There are many different insects that infest trees, and these attack different parts of them so the signs might be difficult to spot. Defoliators, such as larvae, caterpillars, and moths, will attack the leaves of trees. Wood borers affect the trunks and branches, damaging the bark and spreading disease from tree to tree. Meanwhile, sap-sucking insects feed off the sap in the trees, causing defoliation, mold, and bark damage. Having you trees taken care of by experts fairly regularly will allow them to spot insect infestations while they are still manageable and before the tree itself is entirely compromised. In certain cases, it might be necessary to remove the tree in order to prevent infestations from spreading even more.

Potential Danger of Falling

When trees are weakened by either the weather, a strong hit, or disease, they might end up posing a danger to other people and the property. Weakened structures indicate the potential risk of falling, so it is imperative that you have an arborist assess such chances before an accident occurs. Having the tree safely removed by professionals is better than leaving it to chance and risking an uncontrolled fall.

A Tree Removal in Santa Monica you Can Trust

If you think one or more of the previous issues is currently affecting one of your trees then it’s better if you reach out to arborists that provide a tree removal in Santa Monica. After all, these trees not only represent a danger to themselves but also to others around it. You don’t want trees to infect each other or to pose a safety hazard for nearby people. Commercial Tree Services offer the best tree removal in Santa Monica, and you can contact us by calling us at (818) 810-9028.

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