When planting trees in Los Angeles, you can’t just go with any tree. You need to consider the conditions particular to the Southern California area. As a drought-prone area, when decorating your yards with trees you need to take into account the water intake these trees will require. Commercial Tree Services, a renowned service for tree trimming in Beverly Hills, has a few suggestions for drought-resistant trees that won’t only provide relief for you in your water consumption costs, but will also provide shade and visual appeal to your yard.

Drought Resistant Trees for Los Angeles

Live Oak – Live oaks are seen all across the American south, boasting strong trunks that resist all sorts of strong winds. They are beautiful to look at, casting wide shades with their mighty canopy spread for you to keep cool in the summer. Additionally, these trees are known to live up to hundreds of years.

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Shumard Oak – These are very popular choices for yards given their colorful leaves and their strong trunks. They have been known to grow successfully in areas with poor drainage, dry seasons, and air pollution, so they are perfect for the Los Angeles area, and a favorite of Commercial Tree Trimming in Beverly Hills.

Hackberry – It may not be as well known in the popular consciousness, but experts know that the hackberry tree is recognized among experts for its endurance in the face of drought, low temperatures, poor rainfall, strong winds, and air pollution. They are great choices when it comes to casting good amounts of shade and saving irrigation water.

London Planetree – Commonly seen along sidewalks, London planetrees can thrive in environments with air pollution and low rainfall levels. In larger sites, such as extensive yards, these trees can grow underred and enrich the view significantly. They are beautiful to look at in both hot and cold seasons.

Eastern Redcedar – You might recognize its smell if you’ve ever spent time in the eastern United States. The eastern redcedar smells like cedar chests and crushed fruit, and because of its resistance to heat and drought, it is a common sight in many urban landscapes. They are good choices for breaking winds and generating significant shade.

Northern Catalpa – The large heart-shaped leaves, beautiful white flowers, and dangling seed pods make the northern catalpa a gorgeous and unique addition to any yard. While their visual appeal comes at a cost, and that is the effort its upkeep demands. However, it is a highly rewarding sight and an asset to yards everywhere.

Tree Trimming in Beverly Hills

While these trees won’t demand a lot of water, they will need some taking care of. That is what Commercial Tree Services is here for. We have provided tree trimming in Beverly Hills for over a decade, always delivering practical and visually appealing results to the yards we tend to. As active members of the community concerned with its look and feel, we make sure to provide only the best tree trimming in Beverly Hills. Call us at (818) 810-9028 in order to schedule your appointment today!

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