If you have an old tree in your garden which has come to the end of its useful life, then now may be the time to get rid of it once and for all. Old trees present a danger during winter, and can be an inconvenience in the summer, too. When trees start to suffer from disease, or stop producing fruits or flowers, then the time has come to take action, and remove them as quickly as possible. With a Tree removal Company in Sherman Oaks that has experience with all kinds of tree removal options, you can get rid of that old tree and improve the look of your garden.

Tree Felling

This is the most full-on way to remove a tree, and is the best option when the tree is not near any buildings or property which might be damaged. It is not safe to try to fell a tree on your own, as it is easy to misjudge the fall, and cause the tree to land on buildings, or even on people nearby. This is why it is important to allow an expert to manage the job for you, so that the tree can be removed in safety, and without the risk of injury or damage.

a tree removal company in sherman oaks

Tree dismantling

Tree removal Company in Sherman Oaks also dismantle trees when they are close to property or presents a risk, it is important to remove the tree carefully, and in stages. This prevents damage, and also ensures the safety of the removal team and the property owner. Tree dismantling starts from the top of the tree, and the team will usually climb up and then start cutting back the tree from the top. Once the upper branches are taken down, the team can then start working on the lower branches. This is a safe and secure way to remove a tree which would otherwise be dangerous or a threat to property.

Using elevated platforms

Tree removal Company in Sherman Oaks also take care of tree that have grown very high, we use machinery to cut the tree. The team will go up on a mechanical platform, like those used in the construction industry. The team will then cut the top of the tree, in the same way as though they had climbed up. Then, the tree will be cut down in the usual manner.

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