The city of Santa Monica takes an outstanding care of their trees, and it only takes a look down most of their streets to see that the lush green sidewalks are one of the many attractions of the area. And these are promptly complemented by the many homeowners in the area and their front and back yards. If you are looking to contribute to this yourself, we at Commercial Tree Services, experts in tree trimming in Santa Monica, have a few tips for those looking to implement trees into their landscaping. And why wouldn’t you? After all, trees are beautiful additions to any yard and can enhance your home in gorgeous ways.

Choosing the Right Trees for the Property

You are going to have to consider a few matters when choosing the proper trees to plant in your property, mainly the trees’ purposes and the limitations of the site you are planting on. Why are you planting the tree? For aesthetics or for privacy? For shade or for windbreak? The height and canopy spread of the tree will come into play when deciding this. For example, short flowering trees won’t grow enough to clash with utility lines or similar obstacles. If you are planning on planting a tree for aesthetic purposes, is it an evergreen or deciduous tree? Will it lose its leaves in the winter? Be sure to ask about this when choosing a tree in order to ensure an outcome that matches your needs.

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Finding Healthy Trees

When picking the right tree, it’s imperative to determine whether it’s healthy or not. If you are getting a bare-root seedling, for example, the roots should be fibrous, moist, and about as long as the stem itself. In cases of balled and burlapped trees, the root ball should be adequate for the tree’s size and firm when you touch them, particularly close to the trunk. As for container-grown trees, there shouldn’t be large circling roots in the container, the soil and the roots should be joined tightly, and any pruned roots should be cut cleanly. Lastly, if you are getting a mature tree, make sure the bark is bright and healthy, that there are no insect injuries on the trunk or leaves, and that the spacing between branches is at least between eight and twelve inches.

Taking Care of the Trees

Taking care of the tree obviously encapsulates the obvious stuff, such as proper mulching, watering, pruning, and trimming. Trees in residential environments shouldn’t be left untrimmed, for the canopy spread could potentially extend beyond the desired space and create safety hazards. Tree trimming in Santa Monica is an important aspect of tree care, so be sure to get the best team out there to carry out the task in a caring, professional manner.

Tree Trimming in Santa Monica

As far as tree trimming in Santa Monica goes, Commercial Tree Services is the undisputed expert in the subject. For over twelve years, we have provided the city of Santa Monica with thoughtful tree trimming, tackling every task with the same attention to detail and care. You can hardly do any better when it comes to tree trimming in Santa Monica, so if you need to get the right people for the job, call us at (818) 810-9028 and we’ll gladly take on the job.

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