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“I recently contacted Rudy at Commercial Tree Services to discuss the trimming of a very large and mature oak tree in my backyard. The estimate was set up for the same day, and Rudy discussed the steps that his team would take to prune the tree, and covered all of the specifics that the job would entail from start to finish. The crew arrived at my house the following morning and were right on time. They took a quick second to talk to me about the specifics that Rudy and I had talked about and clearly communicated with me about how they planned on meeting my objective. Before any of the work started I was presented with a estimate and contract and had the time to go over and sign it. The team leader introduced me to the rest of the team and they got straight to work! Rudy’s crew is skilled, the stump grinding machine that they brought worked flawlessly and they were able to cross my pool deck and gravel driveway without issue. After the job was finished they cleaned up any remaining mess and my tree and yard looks better than ever. I’d highly suggest Rudy’s Commercial Tree Service Company to anyone that values hard work done right the first time. Thanks for everything Rudy, your team’s the best!”

Cheryl D.

Atwater Village, CA

“Your crew arrived early this morning just as scheduled and did a wonderful job tending to the trees at my aunt’s house in Pasadena. The ground was pretty soft from all of the rain that we had received the the previous Tuesday. Anyways, I was concerned that dragging the limbs across the yard would end up ruining all of the work that I had put into the grass last season. The crew manager assured me that it wouldn’t be a problem, and sure enough it wasn’t. These guys are seriously professional and know exactly what they’re doing. They also assured me that they would be extra careful with the limbs that were hanging over my aunt’s perimeter fence so that there would be no damage. The entire crew was super helpful with suggestion concerning how the trees should be pruned and took the time to listen to my concerns as well. Everything was cleaned up after the job was completed. Great job all around. I’ll definitely be seeking out Rudy’s Commercial Tree Service Company the next time anyone in my family needs work to the trees on their property. Thanks Rudy, couldn’t be happier.”

Ted N.

Pasadena, CA

“Your crew came to my house today and did an excellent job taking care of the tree issues that my family has been having in our backyard. From the moment your crew arrived to take care of the unbelievable storm damage that had occurred the week before they acted carefully, with skill and patience and literally didn’t stop working until the job was complete. In the afternoon, to my surprise additional staff members arrived and the team started working even faster! Did I mention that it was still raining? I regret not writing down all of the names of the team members that serviced my yard, because now that I think about it I’d like to thank them individually. Thank you Rudy for your fair assessment of the job to be done and for making sure that everything was taken care of. As the Commercial Tree Services finished up their job, they took the extra time to clean up the remaining mess that had been made at their work site. We highly suggest Rudy’s Commercial Tree Services for their professional demeanor and strong work ethic!”

Eric B.

Burbank, CA

“From my first phone conversation with one of the employees at Commercial Tree Services, I knew that everything was going to go well. I spoke with a young lady that set up an appointment with one of their tree service crews to have a couple of the trees on my commercial property to be removed. They were old and dying and had started to rest on some power lines nearby. Anyways, she was so professional, friendly and helpful, I knew that the crew would be too! The contract was written up and covered in a thorough manner with Rudy, the owner of the company. The price was just a smudge higher than one of the other tree trimming services that I had been looking at but the job was so well done and handled with such professionalism and ease it was definitely worth every penny. I highly suggest Commercial Tree Services to anyone that wants to have the trees on their property services without hassle. I’ll absolutely be coming back for any future tree trimming services that I need. Thanks Rudy!”

Linda W.

North Hollywood, CA

“The services provided by Rudy Alfano’s Commercial Tree Servicing Company made my wife so very happy. After a storm passed over the area where we live, my wife noticed a few downed limbs the following morning, one of which had broken the neighbor’s fence. Anyways, we spoke with the neighbors and made an appointment with an estimate advisor of Rudy’s for the following day. To our delight, the service representative told us that the team was available to come to our house later in the evening! As the service crew arrived I was provided a written estimate and contract, everything was handled very professionally. I thought that there were so many downed limbs on our property that they crew was going to have to come back the following day, but boy was I wrong. In the course of 5 hours the 6 person team had cut and cleared all of the limbs from our yard and then took the time to clean up after themselves too! Our yard has never looked better! Looks like the branches never fell in the first place. Thank you so much for an outstanding job, please share the over-payment that I send with the crew that cleaned my yard! Thanks Rudy!”

Tom R.

Thousand Oaks, CA

“After shopping around for a professional residential tree trimming company for almost half a year, I was super glad to have found Rudy’s tree service company! Each and every one of Rudy’s employees remained focused and displayed a strong work ethic throughout the entirety of their service! I’ve been in both residential and commercial construction for over 27 years and know hard workers when I see them. I have to say, I was very, very impressed with the job that Rudy’s team did from start to finish. They were all very polite, professional and courteous while on my property and were obviously bery experienced. Each day after they finished up the job that they were doing they took the time to clean up all of the mess that had been made. I would highly recommend Rudy’s tree services to anyone that values hard work done right the first time. Please let your employees how happy I am with their service, my yard looks amazing!”

Greg P.

Brentwood, CA

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